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Keeping the Beat
Healthy Aging Through Amateur Chamber Music Playing

Ada P. Kahn, Ph.D.

copyright 1999 by Ada P. Kahn

0-930121-01-5 (paperbound)
0-930121-02-3 (hardbound)

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-90765


 Check out some of Ada's favorite sites about chamber music, aging, and related issues.

    Associated Chamber Music Players
    This non-profit association facilitates informal playing and singing by people of all ages and nationalities, beginners to professionals.

    Chicago Flute Club

    National Flute Association

    Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra

    Evanston Symphony

    Kristin Lems, Ph.D.,

    Performing songwriter and folksinger, Evanston, IL.

    Music Mends Minds

    Music Mends Minds is a nonprofit that creates musical support groups for people with neurocognitive disorders including Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, etc. These music support groups are supported by board certified music therapists and allow seniors and caregivers to socialize and make music.

Useful Recordings and Books


  • Adams, Noah. Piano Lessons: Music, Love, and True Adventure New York: Delacorte Press.
  • Booth, Wayne. For The Love of It: Amateuring and Its Rivals. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
  • Dawson, William J. Fit as a Fiddle: The Musician's Guide to Playing Healthy.  Rowman & Littlefield Education.   
  • Frederiksen, Brian. Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind. Gurnee, IL: Windsong Press Limited.
  • Lems-Dworkin, Carol. Bach's Ornaments: A Lecture Performance (A how-to demonstration at the piano of four common ornaments, using 33 excerpts from Bach's music.)

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